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When posting content in OS Maps, your first name & first letter of your last name from your Ordnance Survey account will be used as a display name.

You can update your name linked to your Ordnance Survey account in the account hub.

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You can only remove reviews or photos that you have uploaded. To remove a review or photo from OS Maps select 'options' on the review or photo and then 'delete'.

Photos & written reviews are currently only available in the iOS version of OS Maps. They will be coming Android and web versions soon.

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If you come across content in OS Maps which you feel is inappropriate or does not meet the terms of our End User License Agreement, you can use the built-in reporting fuctionality to make us aware. This content will then be reviewed by our team and appropriate action will be taken.

To report a route:

When viewing a route in the OS Maps mobile app, select 'Options', then 'Report route'. You will then be asked to provide a reason for reporting the content and some additional information.

The user who uploaded the content and the reporter will be informed of the action taken by email. Any reports relating to inappropriate content are anonymous, and no personal details will be shared with any other OS Maps user.

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Certain types of content, such as activities, are private and only visible to you; other types of content such as routes have options to make them private or public - visibile and available to other OS Maps users.

When adding written reviews and photos to a route, the privacy setting with mirror that of the route itself. Reviews & photos added to a private route will remain private as long as the route does; if added to a public route then those review and photos will be visible to other OS Maps users.

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You can add your own content to OS Maps including routes& activities. In the iOS version of OS Maps you can now also add written reviews & photos to a route, as public content. This feature will be coming to OS Maps on Android & web soon.

When you add your content to OS Maps, it must meet the User Generated Content guidelines as outlined in our End User License Agreement. This highlights what is deemed acceptable content within OS Maps, and any content that doesn't meet these terms may be removed.

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