OS Maps anytime, anywhere.

Get unlimited mapping on any device making it easy for you to explore the great outdoors. Find curated premium trails for walks, cycling and more.

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You’re never far from a good route.

Discover hundreds of thousands ready-made routes at your fingertips. Simply open the OS Maps app and instantly start finding local routes nearby. You can also create and plot your own routes so you can explore the way you want to. Download maps and routes to your phone so you can use them wherever you go, even if you have no phone signal in an area.

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Compare features

OS Standard Mapping
Plot, record and follow routes
Use web and mobile
OS Explorer and Landranger Mapping
Global Snap-to-path
National Parks Snap-to-path
View purchased maps offline
Import and export routes
Augmented Reality
Aerial 3D
Save maps offline
Print A4/A3 maps

Explore your horizons

For inspiration on the go, use OS Maps AR Viewer to pan across the landscape and discover the nearest forests, coastlines, hills, mountains and more.

Horizontal image

Works across all devices

Seamless sync between desktop, tablet and mobile. Easily plan routes on the web then follow along on the app when you’re on the go!

Main characteristics

OS Maps provides free and subscriber access to mapping content and other great features for Great Britain and Australia.




  • Most features in OS Maps work worldwide, however some are limited geographically.
  • Premium Topo Mapping is available down to 1:25k scale for Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland), and down to 1:250k scale for the whole of Australia up to 1:250k scale. We also provide more detailed mapping for New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmani.
  • Augmented Reality is currently limited to Great Britain.
  • Offline Downloads are currently only available using Premium Topo Mapping (i.e. in Great Britain and Australia).


We use cookies and software analytics necessary to deliver OS Maps. We only process information about how you use OS Maps using trackers for our research into how OS Maps is being used with your consent. See our Privacy Policy for more details here. 


The app is compatible with devices running iOS 11 or Android 5 and higher.
The website supports the main internet browsers: Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox.


You will require around 100Mb of free device storage to download the app. You will require additional storage space for any offline maps you wish to download.

Internet connection

You will require an internet connection to use OS Maps Web and to download the OS Maps App )and any content you wish to use offline). Once the app is downloaded you do not require an internet connect to:

  • View offline maps which you have downloaded to your device
  • Use Augmented Reality Mode (GB only) if you have already set it up by downloading the data offline
  • Record, plot or follow a route if you have already downloaded the mapping for that area.

NB A premium subscription is required to create custom offline map downloads. For the best performance when downloading offline maps, we recommend using a good WiFi connection.

Access Type

An OS Maps Premium Subscription allows you to view, print* and download Premium Topo mapping to one device. See coverage for information on the Premium Topo data that’s available. Printing of maps is subject to a fair usage policy (no more than 30 prints per week per user), please see the EULA for more information.

It also gives you access to subscriber-only features such as AR Mode (GB only) and 3D mode on OS Maps Web.

Some features of the app are available to all users for free - such as Standard and Aerial Mapping, as well as the ability to plot or record routes.

Please see the FAQs for more information.

Access Conditions

Personal non-commercial use only is permitted for all OS Maps users.

The app may be installed on up to 5 devices.

Terms of use apply, see EULA for more details.

Map Updates

Map updates: We endeavour to provide the latest mapping updates from our suppliers as they become available. Please exercise independent judgement when using content from the app. Please see our EULA for more information on mapping updates and accuracy.

Rights to Cancel

Subscriptions are as advertised, minimum 1 month subscriptions; subscribers can request to cancel anytime (up to 2 working days prior to the expiry date) with cancellation coming into effect on the expiry of your current subscription. You can cancel your subscription at anytime up to 14 days after purchase, unless you have downloaded or otherwise accessed your subscription. Further details can be seen in the EULA here.


Further information about our product can be found via our FAQs support pages here.